Chairman & President

With 30-plus years as a financial strategist, Dr. Timothy Fussell has created a financial product fortress to protect his clients’ assets and aspirations, now and into their futures. His financial system includes products and plans for estate preservation and tax-free income in retirement and transfer to heirs.

A published author with Fox Business News and invited contributor to CNN Money and Fortune Magazine, Dr. Fussell is also a Continuing Professional Education Instructor for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), conducting nationwide training on retirement and strategic business planning using Life and Annuity products. He has created boot camps and a learning campus where new agents can learn the intricacies of finance; arming them with the knowledge and practical experience they need to better protect and serve their clients and build a thriving, sustainable business.

Dr. Fussell’s professional history is deeply rooted in the communities of North Carolina. His journey began in Wallace, a small-town northwest of Wilmington, and eventually took him to Raleigh where he has continued to prosper for more than 29 years. Surrounded by the technology and growth in Raleigh, it was surprisingly his humble beginnings in a small farming community that helped him best understand the importance of protecting core family values and business practices. His early life experiences escalated his interest in helping people protect themselves and their livelihoods. As the years went by, change was the only constant in Tim’s life. Successful on a professional level, Tim was personally blindsided in 1998 by his wife’s sudden illness. Without hesitation or regret, he immediately redirected his time and energies to her care until her passing in 2006.

Over the years, in good times and lean, Dr. Fussell has guided his clients through structured buyouts, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), and family trust and foundation start-ups. He works closely with his clients to provide a guarantee of personal protections through insurance and annuity products as well as proper estate planning. His insurance and estate planning firm specializes in the self-employed and business owner market, working with clients from the start-up of their new business to clients with the net worth in the 100s of millions.


CEO & VICE-Chairman

Mr. Buxton as CEO carries out initiatives to significantly improve the company’s strategic operational execution and integration among its correlating sister companies with a goal to accelerate profitability and growth for the company. This includes planning over the overall strategic business direction and facilitating creative development and business models for the company specifically within the capacity of the capital markets’ contractual negotiations, deal opportunities, and internal contract facilitation for sales transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets growth strategies. Mr. Buxton has been described as an astute dealmaker, public relations facilitator, and financial engineer focusing on initiating innovative stratagems for creating growth strategies and solving complex transactions that help lead the company forward. Mr. Buxton has a strong foundation in the commercial real estate construction management industry and real estate developer/contracting business as well as the information technology field. This experience stems back to 1992 spending valuable time as the marketing director for a commercial contracting and construction management firm under their construction management division. The company was responsible for many high-profile projects in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the country. Mr. Buxton has an entrepreneurial spirit and has owned and directed various successful business ventures

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